How to Incorporate Black into Your Décor

Many interior design experts say all decors should incorporate the color black.  For example, according to them, if your décor is all neutral tones, it tends to look like things are floating around. However, adding black accessories will provide a grounding effect. 

Black is a color that can be used in any room, in any style.  Black is dramatic and stylish.  Black can be masculine or feminine it all depend on how you incorporate it.  Black also looks good by itself or mixed with any color.  For example, black/white, black/gold, black/grey, etc. The choices are limitless you could really have fun with it.

In the illustration below, as you see black accessories are used to add depth  and interest to the white walls and white sectional.  Without the black accessories, the design would be boring and plain. 

At Décor Things R Us, we offer many black accessories that would be a perfect compliment to your neutral décor.  Check out our Black Décor Collection.

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