Incorporating Elephant Décor into Your Home

If you're familiar with the term Feng shui then you know that it means peace. harmony, good positive energy.  Feng shui decorating creates all of these positive energies that make you feel good.  One way to incorporate these positive energies in to your living space is to utilize décor pieces such as elephants.   

The study and history of Feng Shui is vast, you are encouraged to do your own research to learn more if you’re truly looking to incorporate Feng Shui  into your living space.  For this post, we will not deep dive into Feng Shui, but it is important that we share a little about the principles of Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui principals: “For good luck, protection and strength to the household, place a statue of an elephant, or a pair of elephants, at the front door,” advises Asian Feng Shui in an article on Feng Shui Elephant Tips. “When elephants are used in such a way, they are referred to as “Elephants of Many Blessings.” These elephants should have their trunks facing upwards as that represents prosperity, good luck and victory, although elephants with their trunks facing downward represent longevity and conception. The direction of the trunk can affect the chi within the space, so it is important to choose an elephant that will bring about the energy you wish to have in your household or office.”

As a home décor accessory elephants look amazing.  You can place them in your home office, top of a desk, night stands, on a coffee table, or entry way table. 

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