How to Incorporate Blue into Your Home Décor

Different shades of blue span the spectrum which makes it relatively easy to decided on the type of blue you would like to incorporate in your home.  No matter which shade you pick, blue is calming and relaxing as well as full of personality and elegance, it will bring a pleasing effect to the eye. 

Paint an entire area of your home in a shade of blue and add in other colors to compliment it.  In the first illustration below, the royal blue walls make the white couch and  the different shades of blue accessories appear like they are popping out, which instantly creates visual interest that's full of flair and personality.  The décor accessories are from our Shades of Blue Collection - blue – Home Décor & Things Are Us (

 In the second illustration below, the Silver Rays Wall Mirror - Silver Rays Mirror – Home Décor & Things Are Us (, that we carry - gives a retro touch to the bright royal blue walls.

Blue Home Décor | Home Décor & Things Are Us






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