Accent Chairs | Accent Benches | Accent Ottomans

In addition to providing extra seating, accent chairs, and benches complements the surrounding decor to help tie together the look of a room.  They should be beautiful and functional.

The current trend we're seeing in accent chairs, benches and ottomans:

1.Go Bold. Don’t be shy when it comes to choosing an accent chair – bold prints, colors and silhouettes all offer a brilliant way of adding a sense of personality to your home. Textured accent chairs, in particular those featuring boucle or velvet, also add a tactile element to your interior. Eye-catching accent chairs are the piece to have. Bold armchairs aren’t just a comfy place to relax, they’re a strong visual focal point too. Updating your home with a striking accent chair is an instant way to elevate the space, so there’s no wonder online searches have increased by almost 150 per cent.

2. Look for Details. Finishing of the base or the central part such as a wide metal strip of golden color; Patterns and stitching that create an unusual abstract pattern; legs made of metal, as well as painted, polished or varnished wood; metal rivets around the perimeter of the entire product.

2. Don't Forget about Recliners. Not only are recliners synonymous with luxury, but they look great too. No matter the season, they’re a great place for relaxing – plus, perfect for an afternoon cat nap!  Leather recliners provide a high-end look and are ultra-durable, whilst upholstered recliner chairs offer a welcoming, laidback look.

3. Leather accent chairs are a timeless classic. If you prefer to keep things beautiful but understated, choose a leather accent chair in a classic color such as black, brown or tan, or go against the grain with green.

4. Ottomans and Benches are in demand for more than a century, and today it remains part of the trendy interior.  The reason for such popularity of these chairs lies not only in their remarkable compactness and mobility but also in the surprisingly extensive functionality. You can use them for extra storage, additional seating, a decorative accent,