Chargers Plates

The purpose of charger plates, also known as service plates or underplates, is primarily decorative and functional. Charger plates are large, decorative plates that are placed underneath dinner plates during formal dining occasions. Here are some key purposes of charger plates:

  1. Enhancing table aesthetics: Charger plates add elegance, color, and texture to the table setting, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the dining experience. They come in various materials, designs, and colors, allowing for creative table arrangements that complement the theme or occasion.

  2. Protecting the tablecloth or table: Charger plates provide a protective layer between the tablecloth or table surface and the dinner plate. They help prevent spills, stains, and scratches on the table and make it easier to clean up after the meal.

  3. Setting the formal tone: Charger plates are often used during formal or special occasions, such as weddings, banquets, and upscale events. They signal that the meal is going to be a more formal affair, setting the tone for an elevated dining experience.

  4. Defining individual place settings: Charger plates help define individual place settings and provide a designated space for each guest. They establish a sense of order and help guests understand where their personal space begins on the table.

  5. Providing additional serving space: Charger plates can be used to serve appetizers, bread, or small dishes before the main course. They offer extra space for presenting food items and can elevate the presentation of the meal.

It's important to note that charger plates are typically decorative and not intended to be used for consuming food directly. They are usually removed from the table before the main course is served.