Coffee Tables | Accent Tables | End Tables | Accent Benches| Entryway Tables

Compliment and decorate your space with a coffee table, accent table and end tables.  This is an area of your home that is perfect for you to express your personality and style in your home. When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table, end tale, accent table, accent bench or entryway table look for shape, styles, types, a mix of materials, and function.  All key deciding factors you’ll want to consider.

The current trends we're seeing in coffee tables, accent tables, end tables, accent benches and entryway tables are:

  • Looks like a sculptural pieces of art. Can fall under the category of Modern Style, due to the clean lines, natural materials and contemporary style. But make no mistake, sculptural doesn’t mean outlandish. This trend can also be simplistic where pieces showcase a pared-back aesthetic offset only by an unexpected curve, or a unique play with dimension.
  • Bunching tables. Bunching tables are two or more small tables that are either the same height or slightly varying heights. For example, nesting tables are considered bunching tables,
  • Multi-layered. This type of table provides ample storage space, making it the perfect hideaway for blankets or toys. Handwoven rattan fibers add a layer of natural texture.
  • Multi-function. This type of table serves multiple purposes.  This unique table features a hydraulic lifting mechanism, ideal for work, light dining, and extra storage.
  • Mixed materials.  Mixed material coffee table anchors your space in style and is typically Crafted from sturdy material for long-lasting use modern manipulation, i.e., wood. These Tables are manipulated to have incredible details carved into the table creating a near work of art in place of furniture
  • Natural elements. These types of tables add Simplicity of Design with Nature's Materials.  ·They make a statement and are typically made out of bamboo, wood, etc. 
  • Unexpected textures. rich in texture and organic shapes bring compelling details to this luxe type of table styling.