Bamboo Ceramic Solar Cascade - Amazon Jungle finish

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🌴 Brighten up your space with this stunning Bamboo Ceramic Solar Cascade - Amazon Jungle finish! 🤩 #oasiscreation #amazondecor #jungletribe

Smart Solar is a leading specialist in solar powered garden products providing high quality innovative solar powered items for the garden. We believe strongly in the environmental benefits of solar whereby all our solar products use renewable energy from the sun to generate power. Once purchased they require no operating costs and minimal maintenance. Best of all they are quick and easy to install and portable allowing for placement around the garden to suit your individual needs today and tomorrow!

This four tiered solar fountain recycles water using solar power; a low voltage pump is powered by a remote solar panel which operates when placed in direct sunlight. Water is carried up to the top jug and flows back down to the main bowl through 3 small bowls. Creates sound of gentle running water.  Great in the garden, patio or deck. Hand crafted ceramic bowls. 10' of cable from pump to solar panel.

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