Coors Light Football Popcorn Maker

Regular price $99.99

Enjoy the game even more with popcorn made in the Coors Light Football Popcorn Maker. This air-popper makes oil- popcorn, and the unique football design is fun and functional. The top part of the football can be removed and used as a bowl to catch the popcorn as it is made. The kernel measuring cup can also double as a butter warming tray, which will warm up as the popcorn is being popped. The Coors Light Football Popcorn Maker is the perfect gift for sports and beer fans, and is a must-have for your next game night.

  • Making popcorn is fun and healthy with the Football corn popper
  • Hot air pops fresh popcorn from the chute to your bowl in minutes
  • Popping with air instead of oil means less fat and fewer calories for a healthy snack
  • The unit makes up to 12 cups of popcorn and the lid can be used as a serving bowl.