Stainless Steel Wok
Stainless Steel Wok

Stainless Steel Wok

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Works on all stove types. Features sturdy handles and stainless steel lid. Reflective surfaces to help monitor the cooking process and remain beautiful over time. The tri-ply body allows for even heat distribution to avoid hot spots that occur in normal cookware for excellent cooking results.


  • 3-Ply body consist of durable stainless steel encapsulating an aluminum core for even heating
  • Wide 16.5 in. opening for large volumes and ease of use
  • Ideal for stir frying or cover on for steaming or making soups

Care Instruction:

  • Wipe away excess Using a paper towel, wipe away excess grease or solid residue. Cool roll iron construction
  • For heavily stained areas, clean cookware with a paste of baking soda and Simple Green, or similar non-toxic cleaner. This helps the cleaner stay in place, and acts as an additional abrasive against stains. Allow to sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Fill the kitchen sink with enough hot water to submerge the cookware, and add about 1 oz. of Simple Green to each cup of water in the sink (or 1 cup Simple Green to 8 cups hot water).
  • Soak the cookware for 3-5 minutes, allowing the cleaner to work through the remaining oils and grease. If your cookware doesn't fit into the sink completely, rotate it so that all areas soak for the recommended time. After the 5 minutes, drain your sink.
  • Scrub away any additional carbon or grease residue. If your cookware is aluminum, use a scrubbing pad. Scrub stainless steel cookware with a scouring pad or steel wool. If your cookware is non-stick, use a nylon scrubber or sponge to scrub in circular motions.
  • Wash and dry as usual


  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Deep Size: 4.75 in.
  • Diameter: 16.5 in. dia.
  • Weight: 9 lbs