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Egyptian Cotton 1500 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set King-Black Egyptian Cotton 1500 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set Queen-Black Egyptian Cotton 1200 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set King-Sage Egyptian Cotton 1200 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set King-Ivory Egyptian Cotton 1200 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set Queen-Sage

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Metal & Glass Lantern, Black & Copper - Set of 2 Langi Candleholder Silver & Gold - Set of 2 Elephant Candleholder - Set of 3 Multi Color Candle Holder - Set of 3 Tropical Palm Tree Candle Holders

Chic Candleholders

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There are times more often than not when a company's influence extends beyond its name, and they forget about the customer experiences. However, with this store, their customer service is prompt and genuinely helpful. The personalized touch left me truly impressed. This exceptional level of engagement truly sets them apart and is the driving force behind my continued loyalty.

Michael J

What I've noticed is that while the inventory might not be as expansive as some of the larger home decor stores, what truly sets this store apart is its thoughtfully curated selection. I appreciate that I'm not overwhelmed by an excess of choices. Additionally, I had a great experience with their customer service. They went above and beyond to source a specific item I was looking for and even provided a discount. Despite the slower shipping, I was pleased with the consistent updates on the delivery. Furthermore, the website keeps surprising me with new additions every week. This store has won my heart – I absolutely love it!

Olivia T

This home decor store is an absolute gem! From modern accents to timeless classics, their collection offers a plethora of options to transform any space. Impeccable quality and a touch of elegance make this store a go-to for all your decor needs.

Lydia P

Upon stumbling upon a social media ad for Home Décor & Things Are Us, my curiosity led me to their online store. I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding customer service I experienced while browsing their offerings. As an enthusiast of online shopping, this was a delightful find.

Mary C.

As a loyal returning customer, what continues to impress me about this store is their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Additionally, I greatly appreciate that their inventory is consistently updated, providing a fresh and exciting shopping experience. It's safe to say, I absolutely love it here!

Jessica S.

The products I've purchased have truly delighted me. I'm eagerly anticipating my next visit to see what other wonderful items are in store!

Paul R.

While there's no shortage of stores to choose from, what truly sets them apart is the quality of service they offer. And I must say, you've definitely nailed it here!

Toya W.