About Us

At Home Décor & Things Are Us  our goal is to provide the broadest assortment of beautiful products to help you decorate and accessorize your living space for every style, for every budget.

We believe what makes us different from our competitors is not only our commitment to providing the best products, but our true passion about our customers shopping experience.  Our customers are not just a number and we are not too big that customer satisfaction is irrelevant.  We think of our customers as VIPs and we strive to ensure that our VIPs are 100% happy with their shopping experience with us!

About the Owner:

Since Gigi was about 6 or 7 she fell in love with home decorating and home décor. Gigi believes a home filled with beautiful home décor makes everyone happy, relieves stress and is the most favorite place in the world to be. You cannot put a price tag on these benefits!  When you appreciate the benefits of having a beautiful living space you can easily see why home décor is a necessity as opposed to a luxury.

Gigi started Home Décor & Things Are Us to be a caring, communicative haven for people to help them with their home décor needs.

When Gigi isn't using her magic touch to decorate, she's attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address her interior design client's home decorating needs.

Trends come and go but a beautiful home brings peace and enjoyment. 

--Happy Home Décor Shopping