There are certain colors that instantly add warmth to your home while also igniting positive vibes.   While the thought of adding color to your living space can be intimidating at first, once you understand the positive effects along with the natural pop that color can bring to your living space, thus creating a positive vibe - your days of sticking to only natural colors will be far behind you.  Color gives your space a warm, inviting atmosphere. 
You can still stick to your neutrals, i.e., white, black, brown, beige, & gray, but try picking your favorite color and adding an accent wall.  If this is too much for you, incorporate other types of home décor items such as an accent chair, or accent pillows, in interior design world, they called this “adding a pop of color.”
Below, we take a look at Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple to explore how these colors evoke certain emotions and the types of home décor items that you can add to your home to create that warm positive vibe. 


Red:  Red is the hottest and most dynamic color. It is activating, stimulating, passionate and powerful. In home decorating, red is best used as a pop color.  For example, an accent wall, accent pillows, accent chair, decorative statutes & figurines.  

Accent Pillows:

Accent Chair:

Orange: Not as overwhelming as Red.  Orange brings balance, it’s vibrant, energetic, friendly and inviting. Like red, orange can be used as a pop of color, especially for the Spring & Summer.


Accent Pillow:

Bed Sheet:


Yellow:  Brightest and most energizing of the warm colors. Happy, warm, stimulating and expansive. There are so many ways to incorporate the color yellow.  See below:


Wall Décor

Bed Comforter



Green:  We love green.  Green inspires positivity and represents stability. Calming, balancing and rejuvenating. There are so many shades of Green that you can find to had to your home.  Here are a few:

Accent Pillows:

 Bath Towels:

 Decorative Stool:

 Wall Clock

 Sheet Set


Blue: We love blue too. Blue characterizes calm and spirituality. Dependability, trustworthiness and security.

Check out our entire collection of Blue Home Décor


Purple:  Purple is not a color you see often in home décor, however purple is such a beautiful color.  Purple stands for royalty, nobility, abundance, and dignity. But can also stand for creativity and imagination.

Accent Area Rug


 Accent Bench

 Comforter Set


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